There’s a lot of places on the web where you can get commentary on video games. Seriously. So why, with all your plethora of options to absorb gaming info should you spend time coming here? That’s easy. I don’t know. I’m a husband. I’m a father. I’m a Marine. I’m a gamer. If you have any of those things in common then perhaps you’ll find something here worthwhile. This page was started for me to have a place to discuss my thoughts on video games and the interactive entertainment without talking my wife’s ear off. I’m truly blessed to have a wife that can kick a little butt in Halo, but when I start talking about the ramifications of On-Disc-DLC her eyes glaze over and she starts thinking about what new color she’d like the kitchen to be painted.

What I hope to do is provide you with a different way to think about how the gaming industry is run and why games are designed, created, and shipped in certain ways at certain times while still keeping it as entertaining as possible. I also want to reach out to fellow married and parental gamers to talk about how being a husband and father have changed how and when I game, as well as how my wife and I use gaming to bond closer together. Hopefully I can provide a few tips and lessons about how to use video games as a tool to bring couple together, not a wedge to drive you apart.  From time to time I’ll go off topic and talk about something significant that day or share a story from my time in the Marines, but I’ll mostly be sticking to game and industry topics.

If any of that sounds interesting enough to you, stick around and maybe we’ll learn a thing or two.

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