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That’s No Moon…

As a parent, you find yourself putting words together to form a sentence that no normal person would ever think to say. “Cows are not for throwing.” “Please don’t bounce the boat against my shins.” “Don’t spit on the baby.” “Dump trucks don’t belong in bed.”  Nearly every day provides a new opportunity to converse with another human being like you’re setting up a Family Guy cut-away gag. However, I never actually thought that I would ever be given the opportunity to say such a well-known sentence in a real conversion with a real person.

We’re talking about a line uttered in a science fiction movie here.

If you have a child who has a fascination with heavy machinery and construction vehicles (and you have a Netflix subscription) I highly suggest checking out the show “Mighty Machines”. It’s basically a “how stuff works” series for kids that shows real construction vehicles, boats, planes, trains, and other specialized equipment doing whatever it is they do. It’s a pretty neat show. Like most shows for kids, however, it can get old pretty quick. When your child wakes you up with excited demands for “mitey masheens” every morning for several weeks, you simply want to kill the show’s creators. My wife and I have tried introducing different shows and movies, but they never seem to distract for long. Finally, I decided to try to introduce my son to the franchise I have grown up loving that had also been introduced to me by my father: Star Wars.

I started him off with Episode IV, the first and original film. I can honestly say that he didn’t immediately take to it. Thankfully he already had some affiliations with robots, so R2 and 3PO helped ease him in. It took a little while of constantly keeping him engaged, distracting him with the film so that he continued to watch the film, but by the time the Millennium Falcon escaped from Tatooine, he was pretty hooked on it. Of course we eventually get to the scene where the  the gang comes out of hyperspace and comes face to face with the Empires greatest weapon: the Death Star.

Of course upon first look it appears to be nothing more than a moon. That’s what Han Solo thought, and that’s what my son thought. Seen at a distance, my son was quick to point at the Death Star and say, “Look! Moon!”


When opportunity knocks, take action.

I mean, seriously, how many people have this opportunity? Sure, just about everyone who ever walked the earth post-1977 has quoted it, but how many people have had the real opportunity to inform someone that what they are looking at isn’t actually a moon, but a giant weapon of death? I could barely keep myself from laughing as I attempted to correct him, “That’s no moon…it’s a space station!” My son continued to go on calling it a moon, so that’s something we’ll have to work on. Still, I was made super nerd-happy by being able to say it to my son, and I’ll be happy to continue to introduce him to this wonderful universe and all it holds. Heck, this is the kid who got excited when the Storm Troopers first appeared and called then “piggies” because he’s played Angry Birds: Star Wars. I think he’s off to a good, if somewhat misguided, start.

I can’t believe that I was given such an amazing opportunity to use such an iconic quote in a real situation, even if it was with a two-and-a-half year old boy. Now if I can only find an opportunity of shouting, “Let’s burn this candle!” before something awesome happens, I’ll be a pretty satisfied guy.